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Kaitlyn Peace: Women in Music Wednesdays with CincyMusic LIVE

Kaitlyn Peace is the lead singer of Kaitlyn Peace & The Electric Generals and a powerhouse solo as well. She has the voice of an angel, pipes for days, and cares so much about the music scene in Cincinnati.

Catch her tonight at 7p for Women in Music Wednesdays with CincyMusic LIVE!

How did you get into the Cincinnati Music Scene?
 I started teaching myself piano when I was in college and had access to the practice rooms. One night in 2010 we were rehearsing a student directed production of Parade in concert and we were doing a student directed production of Parade in concert. After rehearsal I got everyone to go with me to my first open mic night ever. I could barely play the piano but I was so ready to get some of my music out in the world. My best friend was even in town from Louisville that night. This particular open mic (RP McMurphy's if anyone remembers those!) was packed with a great crowd which I'd say is definitely not the norm. I met the band hosting and they invited me to play at their show the following weekend at Mainstay Rock Bar (R.I.P) and the rest was history. That story is actually what inspired the song "Irish Bar" on my solo EP My Little Life.

What can fans expect from a Live performance?
 I like to do a little storytelling with my songs especially if I feel the message is something that could help someone. When I play alone you're getting all the sad slow stuff. Full band (Kaitlyn Peace & the Electric Generals) shows are much higher energy. Vocals are the star of the show in my opinion. The thing people compliment most after shows is our 100% all natural, grass fed, organic, gluten free 3 part harmonies.

How have the past 7ish months been musically?
 The last 6 months of my life in general have been quite turbulent. I've experienced a lot of loss this year and I've never looked harder at myself than I have during these situations. I learned some really hard lessons the really hard way but of course that means I do have some new material! Very recently I've started to flourish after years of standing still. I've done things I never would have been brave enough to do had life not forced my hand.

What is next for Kaitlyn Peace?
KPEG is currently recording 3 singles! Release date TBD so watch for that on social media!