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Juan Cosby, the Mastermind of Overcast Hip Hop Festival

Juan Cosby is an American producer and multi-instrumentalist who combines elements of boom bap and synthwave to create his own psychedelic ambrosia. In 2009, Cosby launched Grasshopper Juice Records, boasting an eclectic lineup of nationally recognized artists including The Harlequins, Wonky Tonk, The B.E.A.T., and MC Longshot. With Grasshopper Juice Records, Cosby launched Overcast Hip Hop Festival three years ago. This year will be different, as it's the first year to be streaming Live on CincyMusic.

We sat down with Juan Cosby, the mastermind of Overcast Hip Hop Festival!

How has it been to transition to a virtual festival?
 It turned out to be pretty great, actually. Our budget doesn’t normally allow for us to fly in and house all my rap friends at once, so the lack of expenses associated with streaming from home has allowed for the most stacked lineup we’ve put together thus far.

How has the past 6ish months been for you musically both as an artist and with Grasshopper Juice Records?
My tour with Milo/R.A.P. Feirrera got cancelled two days into it, followed up by the cancellation of Adjust Your Eyes. There was a short grieving and self-pity period after that, which I’m sure most people have dealt with this year. My live streams have definitely helped make up for monetary losses by way of increased bandcamp sales.
Trying to stay on the positive side with the label as well. Sales are up lately thanks to our very supportive fanbase. Though most of our roster hasn’t been very active lately, I like to think that everything AP Counterfeit and I have been doing lately via streams and future releases counteract that a little bit.

What is next for Grasshopper Juice Records and Juan Cosby?
As for the label, the plan is to keep growing the e-store (grasshopperjuice.com) and continue to focus on streaming events until there is real scientific evidence that this pandemic is turning a corner.
As for me, I just finished producing the Spoken Nerd album “Grapes”. We are putting the final touches on graphics for a vinyl release to be determined. Also wrapping up production on my next solo album, the next Counterfeit Money Machine album, as well as the top-secret diamond-clustered Wonky Tonk album. I’m certainly having a blast at home working on these. 

What made you choose the Innocence Project as the beneficiary for the Overcast Hip Hop Festival 2020?
As time goes by, it becomes more and more apparent that our court systems are corrupt on so many levels, and it’s hard for me to find peace in my head knowing all the countless families who are victims of this system. We are always open to suggestions for future fundraisers. I encourage people to reach out if they know how we can be more productive and helpful.