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Frankly Speaking ft. Kelsey Ray Release Band-Aid

Today Frankly Speaking has released a brand-new single, "Band-Aid" featuring Kelsey Ray!

We sat down with Frankly Speaking to get the dish behind the new song!

Tell us about the writing process for “Band-Aid”…
 The writing process. well, I would say depression lol. Honestly without getting too detailed, my relationship ended and I was in a pretty dark place at the time. A friend of mine had suggested that I write a song called "Band-Aid" (gotta give her the credit for the title) because we kind of both were trying to theoretically put a band-aid on the problems we were going through. One day, without any music or anything, I just started writing spoken word/rap if you will which eventually became the verses. A little after that, me and that same friend were hanging out and I started playing around on my acoustic, and we both kinda helped each other write the hook. What we really wanted to express was that, It's ok to put a band-aid on a wound at first, but eventually you need to let yourself heal, and take the band-aid off. The actual beat was made by me and a guy I make hip hop beats with called OE Bangerz (Edwin Chisley). So the whole writing process and production was all hands on.

How did you get connected to Kelsey Ray for the single?
  I had heard some of Kelsey's tunes because of mutual friends, and I knew that her voice would be perfect for this song. When she came over to lay down the hook, it literally took her 20 minutes. It was astonishing. Even her adlibbed "Mmmms" in the background was one take. I figured having her on the song would be beneficial for both of us since she is up and coming and I have been in the industry for quite some time and could try and help her get noticed more as well. It all worked out so well, and with the help of my PR team "Dreamcoat Entertainment" that Joseph Nevels runs in LA, we are hoping this song gets the legs and attention that it deserves. Sometimes the hardest and most painful times of your life can lead to an amazing song. Most times actually.

What is next for Frankly Speaking?
 Not really sure what is next for Frankly Speaking. I was supposed to play bunbury this year, and bellwhether and bc of covid we know what happened with that unfortunately. However in March I am opening for one of my favorite bands "The Samples" at Riverfront Live, which is a huge accomplishment. I used to go see them play in college and so it is very surreal to be able to say 17 years later I would be opening for them. Yikes, 17 years... To quote Danny Glover from Lethal Weapon, "I'm getting too old for this shit."