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Deuces II This Saturday at Overcast

Michael “Deuces II” Cunningham II, is a native of Cincinnati and a Rapper, SInger, Songwriter, Producer, & Entrepreneur. Cunningham joined forces with Picturemusic LLC and produced the theme song for Safeguard’s #safeguardsplash TikTok advertising campaign. Since the song debuted on June 1st, the challenge and song has been tagged in 34.8 thousand videos, with hashtag views north of 1 billion, as well as garnering the attention of Good Morning America.

You can catch Deuces II this Saturday on CincyMusic LIVE for the Overcast Hip Hop Festival at 5:10p!

Music found Cunningham when he was 10yrs old. His brother was deep into rapping and eventually he taught himself. By the age of 13yrs he was dabbling into writing and free styling and by the time he was 16yrs old he was fluent at both. This Saturday, get ready to experience a visually captivating performance.

"The past six months truthfully has been gradually successful, Which I am humbly proud of. After tue success of the safeguard soap commercial for tiktok and radio with P&G, and releasing 2 short projects, I’ve gained tremendous traction. I feel blessed In the end," states Cunningham, "Accomplishing my goals is always the motive. I’m always in album mode, mixtape mode, single mode, and I’m always building on the next big moment. The truth is.. I’m getting closer to what I want. Just a couple more steps and the right plays.. and I might find that moment I’m looking for."