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ROOM FOR ZERO Release Too Bad

Our friends, ROOM FOR ZERO have been hard at work making new music! Today they released, "Too Bad." Give it a listen (or four)!

With a knack for nostalgia, Cincinnati, Ohio’s ROOM FOR ZERO transfigures the alternative sounds of genres-gone-by into amorous modern music-makers. The quartet produces intoxicatingly emotional sonic collateral and presents it with artistry. You’ll feel heartsore, yet utterly elated.

Comprised of friends: Ian Ford, Michael Stubbs, Chris Harding, and Aaron Cunningham, ROOM FOR ZERO hearkens to the expressions of classic 1980s British artists, and emerges with something familiar, yet entirely new. Showcasing their retro pop/rock shortly after a debut performance at Bunbury Music Festival, ROOM FOR ZERO hosted an acclaimed underground indie release party, sealing off an introductory year that destined the band for major attention. Performing alongside acts such as Florence + the Machine, Maps and Atlases, LANY, and Of Monsters and Men; they've earned the title of "emerging artist to watch".