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Multimagic Release The Tide

In anticipation of the of the release of Multimagic's debut album, "Manic Daze" on September 4th, they have released the single "The Tide" today!

"The Tide" is a hook-laden anthem from Multimagic. The song keeps in line with the band's millennial and zoomer adjacent mantra of fighting against the system / the way things are or always have been. Inspired in part by Hillary Clinton's devastating 2016 presidential election loss to Donald Trump, singer-songwriter Coran Stetter takes his personal experience with past relationships, failed friendships and dead end jobs and combines a hopeful message about our collective ability to fight for change amid our personal struggles as individuals.

The anthemic chorus "I was never the type / to try and lead you on / I was all on your side / I wish that you could tell / I fight the tide" comes from Stetter’s point of view as the constant campaigner, naive and hopeful, attempting to inspire a disenchanted and apathetic friend. Comparing himself to a politician on the campaign trail, Stetter explain’s “the second verse is about dealing with imposter syndrome ‘haven't got a soul you're perfect for faking art / so what's the point to starting over / I was lost when I was at the top of the chart / which wasn't an awful lot’.“

"The Tide" is available on all platforms NOW!