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Flying Buffaloes Head to RiversEdge

Fresh off the release of their critically-acclaimed debut album, LOADED & ROLLIN',one of Nashville's hottest alt-country/roots rock bands,Flying Buffaloes, are preparing preparing to hit RiversEdge tomorrow with Motherfolk!

We had the chance to chat with the band prior to the show tomorrow.

How does it feel to be back out on the road again?
"It feels great to be back on the road. We’re thankful for the venues who are opening back up and taking the proper precautions to get live music going again.” - Tommy Leland (lead guitar)

What can fans expect at a live Flying Buffaloes show?
"We always bring a high-energy performance. We aim to give the audience a genuine rock show experience.” - Brandon Cantwell (bass)
“You can expect a lot of emotion and nostalgia at our shows. There’s something for everyone to enjoy, whether you want to dance and party or sit back and appreciate a song for its depth and meaning.” - Johan Stone (lead vocals/keys/guitar)

How did you all meet?
"We all met organically in Nashville. Barry (lead vocals/guitar) and I became roommates upon moving to Nashville, and Tommy Leland (lead guitar) and Brandon Cantwell (bass) are brothers. Johan Stone (lead vocals/keys/guitar) is the connector. He met Barry and Danny after auditioning for another East Nashville-based band and met Tommy at a separate audition around the same time. Johan had a sense that all of us would play well together, so he organized a jam with all of us, and the rest is history.” - Danny Pratt (drums) 

What is next for Flying Buffaloes?
"We’re coming up on the one-year anniversary of the release of our album, Loaded & Rollin’, and we’ve got some new music videos and content releases in the works to celebrate that. We’re also working on our next album. We’re really excited to share this new music with our audience and continue expanding our touring as things begin to open back up.” - Barry Stone (lead vocals/guitar)

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