• Preview

Besançon Rooftop Festival

This Saturday, tune in to CincyMusic LIVE to witness the Besançon Rooftop Festival from France! The original idea was to live stream DJ sets from terraces and rooftops in Battant, their neighborhood in Besançon. Very quickly, the idea caught on and grew into something bigger: more artists from Besancon and more images from all over Besançon, providing an outlet for artists and their audiences ... Thus the Besançon Rooftop Festival was born!

The artists will perform in spectacular places, even inaccessible to the public. This will be an opportunity to see specific, unique places that highlight the architectural and historic heritage of the city of Besançon through aerial shots from drones. For each artist they will select a place that represents an importance in the town’s heritage from which they will have access to fantastic views of the surrounding area.