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Multimagic Releases Believe It Today

In April, Ohio indie pop band Multimagic released their debut LP Manic Daze exclusively on vinyl via Soul Step Records. As the pandemic wore on, the band decided to push back the album’s digital release in order to reevaluate their path forward. Today, the band’s first single from the record, “Believe It” will be available on all streaming platforms with the album to follow on September 4th, 2020.

Multimagic vocalist and songwriter Coran Stetter believes music is a way to connect with each other collectively through our individual struggles. He describes “Believe It” as “a song about removing yourself from toxic relationships and situations.” and goes on to clarify “While the song is about trusting yourself to pursue happiness, the chorus “I don’t believe it / I don’t need this” is not an anthem referring to Covid-19, as the song was written before the pandemic.” The band makes it clear they support the collective effort to social distance, wear masks, and generally do what is needed to help flatten the curve. Stetter says “Multimagic is a communal live experience we wish we could entertain right now, but we all need to take this time to keep people safe.” Instead, the band has focused their efforts on creating music videos, performing live streams and figuring out the most effective way to release music during this unprecedented time. Multimagic vocalist and keyboardist Meg Kecskes adds that “Believe It” may serve as a reminder “We don’t believe this pandemic is stronger than us, but together, we will make it through.”

Go give a listen (or 3) to "Believe It" NOW on Spotify!

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