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Frontier Folk Nebraska - About A Girl

Frontier Folk Nebraska got together from their remote locations to cover Nirvana's, "About A Girl." FFN started playing because of music like this, and music like this has always grown in independent venues, and that they hope folks will reach out with financial aid to places like The Southgate House Revival and The Woodward Theater and other clubs around the country they have played and want to play again.

How to support The Southgate House Revival:
 Venmo: @southgatehouse-revival
 Paypal: sghbooking@gmail.com

How to support MOTR Pub and The Woodward Theater:
Donate via GoFundMe

"This cover is intended in a lot of ways to show how music has brought folks together and still does, even in a pandemic. Nirvana doesn't need any more accolades, but to not mention the continuing impact that independent rock and roll music has made on people like ourselves and communities the world over is always a message to be shared.

We want people to listen and think of the venues and studios and bands and communities and fans that this music grew from and all that it was inspired by and why it still continues to resonate. We all feel alone a lot of times in our own heads and music is a thoroughfare to a message of relating to folks we may never have the time to really have a one on one connection with but who we share so much with in spite of so many other aspects of a life. Music speaks for all of us to all of us.

We've got a twenty year gap in age currently in FFN but this song wasn't something any of us had to sit down and get familiar with. It's part of the canon of maladjusted youth the world over. Have a sandwich and enjoy." - FFN