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Frankly Speaking Release Brand-New Single

Frankly Speaking is releasing a brand-new single, "Stay For A While" today!

Check it out!

"Stay For A While" is the first release of of a 5-song album for TTT Westcoast Inc, out of L.A.! The track is self-produced out of his home studio using logic, a s7 mic, Yamaha keyboard and acoustic guitars.

According to Frankly Speaking, the song, "...it was just a song I wanted to write that described who my girlfriend is and how important she is to a lot of people. One of my fav lines is from the chorus, "you're tough as a bull but softer than nails that cling to your finger like a pirates sails"... she is always picking off her nails so that's what it refers to, but she has gone thru a ton in her life and is a strong confident woman because of the struggles she has and continues to overcome."