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Rusted Reserve Release Self-titled EP

Rusted Reserve is a band from Troy, Ohio comprised of Jimmy Allen, Jason Rhoads, Eric Baumann, Braylon Rhoads, and Jason Forsythe. They have just released a self-titled EP and it is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music!

Rusted Reserve have known each other for twenty plus years, with the exception of Braylon Rhoads, who is only twelve years old! The other four members of the band have been in the music scene for most of their adult lives and always talked about joining forces. Finally, in October of 2019 they did it!

Most of the band had never had the opportunity to record any of their original music in a studio. The majority of these songs were written in some form or fashion over the last 20 years or so. They were just sitting in a book of lyrics or on an old scratch recording. Rusted Reserve worked together to bring life to them.

The self-titled EP Rusted Reserve was recorded in two days at Weird Music Studios in Columbus, Ohio with Joel Shedlock who did the recording, mixing and mastering.

Listen to Rusted Reserve!