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Review: The Revivalists

Photo Cred: Nikki Forte

A sold out Newport Music Hall was treated to some southern charm to the music of The Revivalists with Tank and the Bangas.

Heading into the show I had only heard a handful of The Revivalists singles and Tank and the Bangas Tiny Desk performance. The Revivalists’ last song was “Wish I Knew You,” and I was glad to have gotten to know the Revivalists’ music throughout the night.

The touch-tight crowd went beyond the central out to outer tips of the horseshoe shaped section. Although we were across the street from campus, the crowd was quite older. The between-set talks were about friends' children rather than how the semester was going.

The Revivalists Kicked off their show with the pounding sound as lights, one in the shape of a heart, illuminated Newport Music Hall. Two drummers walked on stage and set a high instrumental pace for The Revivalists show. A pace that would change throughout the show.

My initial thought was this band has quite a bit to offer tonight. Two drummers, bass guitarist, lead guitarist, keyboardist, trumpeter, saxophonist and of course, vocals. By the end of the night they would all have their moment with the crowd.

The opening song was “Criminal” and they were on track for a good show. The crowd was very into one of their biggest hits, “All My Friends.” The horns picked up throughout the rest of the show. Rob Ingraham pulled off several solos quite well and I could feel his presence throughout the rest of the set.

The band sounded really solid. The guitarist, Zack Feinberg throughout the night was consistent. He did a very good job at giving off a southern style of play, but making it his own.

The night for me really changed for me during the song “In The Air”, first off it was a great pace change, it slowed things down. The song felt like an old southern country song. The song then crescendo smoothly and picked up the pace into a transition. For a second it felt like I was hearing something from an older Foals song, with how Feinberg played his notes. It was a surprise. Although what they were playing as a band may have sounded different, David Shaw’s voice kept the songs identity in tact.

Shaw executed last night's performance very well. He’s got a very distinguished voice in the alternative community at this point. I can immediately pick out a revivalist song strictly off of voice, and that carried through into the show.

The Revivalists were getting the crowd involved with the show. As a concert goer, This is always fun. They got great involvement with “You and I,” and “Celebrate.” At one point in time the crowd set the backdrop to another Ingraham solo with one simple word “nah.”

The band had a very enjoyable encore. This was kicked off piano solo to bring everyone back out. It felt like a nod from the and that we are at the end of journey tonight and let's just enjoy it.

The encore songs were “Soulfight,” “Catching Fireflies,” and “Wish I knew You.” All were accompanied by a saxophone solo from Ingraham and various jam sessions. They made me a fan by the end of the night.

The opening act wasn’t just any opener, it was Tank and The Bangas. I mean they were Grammy nominated for best new artist this year. I was afraid the group was going to run out of room with how large their band was, but I am sure glad they were all there.

Tarriona “Tank” Ball is one of the most talented and unique vocalists I have ever heard. She can sing with range, she can rap with various flows and she has a high pitch that I have never heard before.

The band backing her up was very good. At one point in time there was a gentleman singing through an instrument I have never seen in my life before. The group did two covers, Digable Planets’ “Rebirth of Slick,” known for the line “I’m cool like that. I’m cool like that,” and Nirvana’s “Smell Like Teen Spirit” if that can sum up their range.