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Freedom Nicole Moore & the Electric Moon Releases Album "Green Grass Grows"

Freedom Nicole Moore & the Electric Moon now comprised of Freedom Moore, Alessandro Corona on percussion, and Chase Watkins on bass guitar have released their debut album!

"The process of this project has been a very trying one: the writing and the rewriting, life's eb and flow, feeling defeated and almost giving up completely, making friends with similar visions and eventually bringing it all full circle, connectivity of all things being the essence of "Green Grass Grows"- a spin-off of the playful mantra " The green grass grows all around."

Songs include newly recorded versions of "Everytime" and "Pink Sugar" featured in their Tiny Desk Submission video released in 2018. Now incorporating indie, jazz fusion, psychadelia, and more soul and warmth than before, whimsical is one word that can be used to describe these new workings produced and mastered by Alessandro Corona. The album "Green Grass Grows" is currently live!

Listen to "Green Grass Grows" NOW!