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Editor Picks: Best Movies About Music

Photo Cred: Travis Brandner

What is almost as good than a night out at a live show? Watching a movie in your jammies about music. Here are some of my favorites. These picks are mostly based (some looser than others) on an artist's (band's) life, music writing, and music snobs.

Almost Famous
 My all-time favorite music movie of all time. I still aspire to be William and go on tour with a band to document it. I dare you to watch the Tiny Dancer scene and not bawl your eyes out in happiness.

The Doors
 I first saw this one in a time in my life in which The Doors (along with The Beatles and Led Zeppelin) were basically the only band(s) I was listening to. It opened my eyes for sure whether true or not...

High Fidelity
 Once I saw this, I was convinced that I would open up a record store someday. Having been a music snob for most of my life, this one hit home for me. Also checkout the Hulu series of the same name where they switch the script as the main character, "Rob" is a female.

Purple Rain
 I love anything and everything about Prince. This movie shook me to the core for quite some time while also creating my need for a motorcycle (I never did get that motorcycle).

Coal Miner's Daughter
 Ok, I will admit it. I did not get on the country music bandwagon until later in life. I am from Kentucky and see above where I mention I was a music snob. I watched this movie because I loved Sissy Spacek in "Carrie." Well... after seeing this one, I was a forever fan of Loretta Lynn.

I'm Not There
 Isn't Bob Dylan a spirit animal for most of us? I can't even count how many times I have seen him live and I still know only a snippet of who he is as a person. Apparently I am not the only one.

8 Mile
 Eminem seemed to come out of nowhere, at least for me. I was curious to get to know more about his life whether it was fictional or loosely based on.

A Star is Born
 As far as I know, this is the most honest movie when it comes to couples in the biz. It broke my heart and made me late for my plans for the evening I watched it as my face was puffy from crying.

 Bohemian Rapsody
 I have always appreciated Queen but was never full-fledged fan until seeing this movie. Call me a poser if you like, but still go watch this movie. I saw it with one of my best friends and we held hands and cried.