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Tom Keifer of Cinderella to Hit Bogart’s

Best known as the singer/songwriter/guitarist of Cinderella, Tom Keifer and his bandmates #keiferband--Savannah Keifer (Vocals, Percussion, Piano), Tony Higbee (Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Vocals), Billy Mercer (Bass, Vocals), Kendra Chantelle (Vocals, Percussion), Jarred Pope (Drums), Kory Myers (Keyboards, Vocals)--are ready to RISE to yet another peak in their ongoing music journey with the release of KEIFER’s second solo album on Cleopatra Records.

Catch Tom Keifer at Bogart’s tomorrow! 

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RISE quickly jumped into the Top 40 on Amazon’s “Best Seller” list within hours of its release. And it garnered impressive debuts on various Billboard charts thanks to devoted fans who “rose to the occasion” with their ongoing support and devotion to the man who’s been releasing music for over three decades, including #10 - Hard Rock Album Sales, #17 - Independent Albums, #19 - Internet Albums, #21 - Rock Album Sales, #41 - Top Current Albums (Sales), #46 - Top Album Sales.

 Timing, as the saying goes, is everything. And when you’re a career artist like Tom Keifer, you know exactly what it takes to get to the pinnacle and just how precarious it can be once you reach the top. After years of touring and growing with his solo band, Keifer feels the timing is right for a new record with #keiferband.

“When this band came together, we all felt a bit like broken souls, each with our own unique story,” he explains. “If you ask anyone in the band, they would all say this band came along at just the right time. Every human who walks this planet faces challenges and extreme adversity they have to overcome. As a band, we feel fortunate to be able to face those things together. There is a piece of every band member in the ‘The Death of Me’ as well as throughout the entire RISE album.”

*Photo cred - Tammy Vega