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PHYSCO Releases Official Music Video For “Chattanooga”

PHYSCO has released a new single with an official music video for “Chattanooga!” The song relies on vocal melodies that mirror the lyrical content. Composed and smooth verses are then staunchly juxtaposed with a hard hitting, cry-for-help chorus: “The explosive chorus is the way that I am honoring the people who truly care about me,” says lead singer, Joey Loebker. This is why the music video is a compilation of actual home videos, depicting these people in his life. “I am stubborn, but I know that love saves people. The chorus lyrics, ‘you saved me’, could easily be interchanged with, ‘you loved me’... you loved me when I felt unlovable. Thus, you saved me,” admits Loebker.

Watch “Chattanooga”!

Based out of a burgeoning indie rock scene, Cincinnati’s PHYSCO is in many ways an act to watch in 2020. This hard hitting six piece combines influences across decades, from Yes All The Way, to Queen and even Vampire Weekend, the group presents a sharp and witty lyrical style through upbeat grooves and electric, high-energy melodies. Because Loebker crafts his lyrics close to his heart, at face value, their sound is high energy and happy, but there is often a sense of urgency and raw emotional experience hidden just beneath the surface. 

PHYSCO has started this year rather quietly as they are putting the finishing touches on an album to be released this summer 2020. “Chattanooga” completes their three-single release, that began almost a year ago. To celebrate, they will be playing a show on April 17th at The Woodward Theater with their friends Multimagic and may just be trying out some of those new tunes!