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Golden Shoals (fka Hoot and Holler) to Hit MOTR Pub

Asheville, NC based Folk/Americana duo Golden Shoals (formerly Hoot and Holler) is starting out 2020 by bringing their soulful, yet polished combination of fiddle, banjo, guitar, and harmony singing to Cincinnati under a fresh moniker.

Golden Shoals will be at MOTR Pub with Maria Carrelli and Jordan Smart on Saturday, February 15th!

Amy Alvey (fiddle, guitar, vocals) and Mark Kilianski (guitar, banjo, vocals) present a hearty dose of traditional songs and tunes, as well as original songs and compositions. Fans of tight duo harmonies will love the tender harmonizing between Amy and Mark, which falls in line with masters like Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings. Alumni of Berklee College of Music, they infuse the polished technique of music school training with the grit and drive of musicians like Bill Monroe and Ola Belle Reed.

After 7 years of touring as Hoot and Holler, the duo starts 2020 under the new name Golden Shoals. The task of finding a new moniker, and then rebranding, has been a daunting but necessary move, and ultimately a liberating shift. Early in Mark and Amy’s career, they started experiencing confusion with other bands, events, and companies called “Hoot and Holler” or some iteration thereof. Confusion among fans and the press increased through the years, and a rebranding offered the only path of relief. After months of brainstorming, searching through song lyrics and literature, and scouring the internet for similarities to contending names, Golden Shoals offered the possibility of a unique brand, and a blank slate for Mark and Amy to let their music define their name, and not the other way around.