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Jay Madera to Release “OH-126”

Cincinnati singer-songwriter Jay Madera is releasing a new single, “OH-126!” A departure from the driving rock of last year’s debut single “Curb Appeal,” “OH-126” instead strips down to an acoustic foundation, bringing the central theme of the song - in this case, letting go of the material - to the fore in a raw, honest, and compelling way. The song’s lyrics deal with themes of possession and mortality, but in a way that leaves the listener feeling lighter for it. The halting cadence of the lyrical delivery feel like the stop and go traffic so often experienced on the song’s namesake highway.

Overall, “OH-126” has a very “early Leonard Cohen” kind of vibe, but where those old folk songs feel their age, Madera has managed with his second single to produce something very fresh and timely, while also tapping into the classic and timeless.

Watch out for the new single next week!