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Phasmids: “The Closest Thing” b/w “No Outside World”

Cincinnati’s Phasmids have released a new single and b-side, “The Closest Thing” and “No Outside World,” respectively, in anticipation of the release of the band’s first LP in late spring.

The a-side, “The Closest Thing,” has a wonderful kind of intensity to it, building from a lonely acoustic guitar, furtively strumming out the main chord pattern over barely-there keyboard pads, into a fully-developed electronically-tinged space rock anthem that suddenly dies in a pool of quiet synth noise and reverb.

The b-side, “No Outside World,” picks up the intensity of the a-side, but with an almost melancholy, introspective turn. Where “The Closest Thing” feels like reaching out, “No Outside World” feels like reaching in. Either track could have easily been the a-side or b-side, as both plainly demonstrate the range and depth of Phasmids’ songcraft. 

The band’s sound has matured since the release of their self-titled EP in May 2018 - the band’s core identity is still present, and in many ways feels more solidified, but the execution has grown. The production sounds more complete, and overall the songs feel more effortless and organic. In short, Phasmids feel like they have come into their own. 

Check out the single, and keep an eye out for the LP.