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Noah Smith Brings his Big Ol Family to Ludlow Garage

Still on the fence about what to do tonight? Well don’t worry, we have your plans right here. Noah Smith’s Big Ol Family New Year’s Eve at Ludlow Garage is where you need to be. 

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Want to know what to expect? We got that covered too. Read on!

Tell us what to expect at Noah Smith's Big Ol Family New Year’s Eve at Ludlow Garage…

This is the second year of the show and honestly after last year I hope we do these forever.

Last year we recorded a live record that we now have available on YouTube and vinyl at the shows. 

The more I have listened to the record the more I have come to appreciate what we are starting with these yearly shows. It’s a real deal family experience. Last year we had over 8 states fly and travel in for the show!

The more the band and I spend out on the road away from Cincinnati, it seems the more our out of town fans are starting to grow and come to see us in town.

Ohio Native Cheley Tackett will be opening the show. Cheley is an incredible songwriter and actually a co-writer of mine. She toured overseas with Ashley McBryde this year and I am really excited for my fans to get to experience Cheley’s music.

See You In The Funnies are filling out the rest of the bill and those guys always are a blast to be around on the road and put on an incredible live show. It’s going to be a great evening and the Ludlow Garage lends itself to a really classy night out...even if it’s with a bunch of rock n’ roll hillbillies like us.

Any surprises up your sleeve for the evening?

I have new music coming earlier 2020 and I am sure a few new songs are going to make their way into the set. 

What is next for Noah Smith in 2020?

We are hitting the road as much as we can this year. In the last year or so we have played over 12 states and one show in Canada. My fans are some of the most loyal group of music fans I have ever experienced, and we are growing that culture throughout the region and South East for sure. On January 3rd we are taking over The Local, Nashville with our good friends the Wilson Brothers and Chris Harris. After that show we head to Alabama and back up north for a few shows. With new music coming early 2020 you can expect all kinds of goodies coming out of my camp. We are locked and loaded for a great year, new music, new videos, new merch and new cities to start calling home.