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Jeremy Pinnell Plays Homecoming Show at SGHR

Tonight is the night to catch Jeremy Pinnell at The Southgate House Revival for a homecoming show! Jeremy Pinnell spends a lot of time on the road so make sure and come and catch him at home when you can!

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“There are few people out there who can translate the raw emotion of one singer and a guitar into a 5-piece band without losing emotional power in the mix, and Jeremy Pinnell is definitely one who can.” – Dan Van Vechten (CincyMusic contributor and Musician), “The most powerful instrument is Jeremy’s voice, with an authenticity that cannot be faked. His lyrics are personally revealing, sharing with his listeners the stories of working hard, keeping things simple, and showing gratitude for blessings that come along.” 

Head on down to The Southgate House Revival to see Jeremy Pinnell!