Pomegranates Release "Merry Okie"

The name of this song came from a weird little Christmas toy Chad Wahlbrink (who mixed the song) brought with us when we were recording. Basically, a strange voice changing microphone thing with bad reverb that makes you sort of sound like an elf. We used it on a few songs, and for no reason I can recall named this song after it. When originally recording it, I seem to recall we didn't have any vocals, and came up with ideas afterwards that we recorded in a later session. Even though everyone else was really into the song at the time, I was reluctant to put it on the Healing Power album when we originally were making plans for a release, but in hindsight I think its one of the better songs from that period - I should've listened to the rest of the band. Ha! I don't think we ever even played it live before the band went into deep hibernation. It’s only on a vinyl EP release that was originally going to be 2 separate 7 inches records a label wanted to put out. When we knew the band was going to stop being active, we decided to just release it as one record. Being pretty inactive for so long we just never got around to putting it online or for sale anywhere. We'll have a handful for sale at our show November 29 at Woodward! – Jacob Merritt