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Multimagic Release Sunshine

Multimagic is an Ohio-based indie pop band founded in 2014 by singer-songwriter Coran Stetter. The band caught an early break when a demo of their song "Let Go" gained traction in May 2014, garnering a devoted fanbase in their hometown of Cincinnati and appearances at music festivals SXSW, CMJ, MPMF and Bunbury. 

On Friday, Multimagic released “Sunshine” off of the highly anticipated Move On EP to be released in November. Hopefully you caught their set at BLINK! You can catch them next at INspired at The Southgate House Revival on Friday, October 25th.

Listen to “Sunshine”

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By 2016, Multimagic had a backing band in tow, a full-length album recorded, and a release date set for the following summer. However, that February, Stetter suffered from a misdiagnosis and was overprescribed prednisone and codeine, which led to a period that the young singer/songwriter describes as a "manic daze" that changed the course of his life. During his recovery, many of Stetter's friends and former bandmates had left him to fend for himself, so he spent the next year rebuilding relationships and fostering new ones. Multimagic now comprises guitarist James Ruehlman, drummer Evan Brown, keyboardist Meg Kecskes and bassist Anthony Maley. 

Reconnecting with music was an important part of Stetter's recovery and his bout with mental illness and search for redemption became themes of both November’s ​Move On​EP and the band’s upcoming full-length early next year.