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Homecoming at MOTR Pub

It’s October and homecoming events are popping up all over. When spring comes around, prom season will be in high gear. It’s easy to take something as simple as a dress for granted, but not everyone can afford formal wear. Cinderella's Closet is a nonprofit dress shop that serves teens in the Greater Cincinnati Area by providing formal wear for those that could not otherwise afford to attend prom.  

On Friday 10/18 at 10 p.m., KNOTTS (CEA New Artist of the Year 2018), Moonbeau (CEA winner of Album of the Year 2018) and Leo Pastel will present Homecoming, a FREE show/conceptual event at MOTR Pub. They will be accepting donations such as women’s formal shoes, rhinestone jewelry and new or gently used prom dresses under 3 years old for Cinderella’s Closet.

It will be an atypical high school throwback show where concert goers are asked to wear formal dance attire and redo Homecoming as an adult, with beer. Handmade corsage and boutonnieres will be given away at the door. 

KNOTTS singer Adalia Powell-Boehne gave us insight on her inspiration for Homecoming and how people can help while enjoying a great night of music.

What was the inspiration for this event? 

[The] inspiration came from my itch to expand shows into a more interactive environment and invite show goers to participate more than just showing up to listen. While I studied at the Forerunner Music Academy in Kansas City, MO. I incorporated a donation to provide water wells in Kenya into one of my shows at a coffee shop where all of the proceeds from the show went there. I wanted to do something like that again in Cincy. Combine that with my love of school dances and getting fancy, I came up with the idea of Homecoming - where everyone's getting spiffy and having a good time but also can celebrate by donating to Cinderella's Closet. 

I wanted to tie in a donation to a nonprofit with the theme of the night, so I looked up what organizations there were donating formal wear for teens in Cincy and I found Cinderella's Closet. I can definitely identify with the cause; my parents didn't have extra money for new formal dresses for dances. Those dresses are hundreds of dollars. It can feel like a lot of pressure to have something nice to wear. I went to the second-hand store to find my prom dress and I'm grateful I found a dress and didn't feel out of place or left out prom night. 

What type of clothing or articles can people bring to the show? 

Cinderella's Closet website says donations of rhinestone jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, rings, sparkly earrings) formal shoes (metallic or black most needed), formal purses (metallic or black most needed), and formal dresses that are less than 3 years old and in excellent condition are being accepted. People could stop by Claire's and buy a ton of earrings and sparkly jewelry for $5 or $10. A lot of people might still have those prom purses and shoes hanging around and can bring them to the event, if not their mom or grandma will have one of these items. And it's very easy to stop at the thrift store or Payless for a cheap pair of heels. 

For people that can’t make it to the event and want to contribute, how can they help? 

If folks can't attend there are drop off centers all over https://www.cinderellasclosetnky.org/donate