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CincyMusic is proud to introduce a new artist to the scene, Jay Madera.

Cincinnati songwriter Jay Madera is driven by the craftsmanship of songwriting, shaping self-aware lyrics and versatile musical styling. With a finger on the pulse of the salient societal and political themes of our time, his music is a cultural heart-to-heart with our modern world. At the same time, his songs hold personal baggage, bearing the pointedly intimate divulgences of a bedroom musician. 

Music has long been in Madera’s life, from hating piano lessons at a young age to picking up a guitar as any moody teenager does. Since then, his instrumental talent has allowed him to hone his songwriting chops and offer earnest yet worldly explanations. With flourishes of neo-folk, soul, gothic rock, and jazz, his songs are textured and anthemic in tone and deliver empowering and memorable melodies. Jay Madera evokes many troubadours of the present and decades past, recalling the wit and poeticism of Father John Misty, a more street-smart Ben Folds, and Elvis Costello in his most sincere state. Regardless of his influences, Madera is creating a distinct symbiosis with those who listen.

Madera is coming hot to the scene with his upcoming debut single, “Curb Appeal,” to be released on October 18th to all of your favorite music streaming platforms! You can guess that it’s archetypal breakup song. There’s the self-doubt, the isolation, the resentment. But there’s also the watershed of catharsis, the reunion with the self, and the magic of moving on. “Curb Appeal” is a breakup song you’ll dance to (and keep dancing). 

Jay Madera is a cache of musical energy and personal expression. CincyMusic is excited to see what is in store for him. Catch Madera playing live (CincyMusic Calendar) and follow him on Facebook and Instagram for updates on new releases, shows, and more!