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Them Coulee Boys Head to SGHR

Them Coulee Boys originally from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, are heading to The Southgate House Revival on Wednesday, September 11th, a few weeks after the release of their new album, Die Happy. Die Happy, the new album out via LoHi Records was produced by Trampled By Turtles front man, Dave Simonett. The album is a wonderful blend of Americana, rock and roll, and bluegrass.

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Allegedly founded at a bible camp, and born in the back valleys of Western Wisconsin, Them Coulee Boys craft a brand of Americana that blends punk, bluegrass, and rock & roll. Guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass, and a lone kick drum provide the pulse that drives underneath the conversational yet thoughtful lyrics. Them Coulee Boys seek to start a conversation with their performance, knowing just how diverse that interaction can be.

Founded in late 2013, Them Coulee Boys have quickly become a force on the Midwest music scene. Soren Staff, Beau Janke, Jens Staff, Neil Krause, and Patrick Phalen IV work together as a well-oiled alt-folk machine to craft songs and live shows that have impressed audiences nationwide.