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Miranda Lambert Brings Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars to BB&T Arena

Miranda Lambert brought her female centered Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars Tour to the BB&T Arena on September 21, 2019. Miranda ignited Kentucky with her brutal honesty laced with Gunpowder and Lead.

Early on in the set, Miranda reminded the crowd of exactly why she is the very person to open up a beer or a sweet tea, and then tell you exactly how it is. At times, this may be painful (Vice, Tin Man), and other times it may be empowering or reassuring (Mama’s Broken Heart). Regardless, every time Miranda made a nod at the crowd for our questionable decisions, it felt like a good friend telling us exactly how it is – and that resulted to be an incredibly powerful response from every member in the audience.

Miranda Lambert is a perfect example of a musician who just so happens to tell you everything you need to know about yourself. She is the person to tell you to calm down when you need to, but also to get fired up when you’ve reached your breaking point. This may be partially responsible for one of the biggest moments of the night -- Lambert signaling to the crowd “I’m going home, gonna load my shotgun”, being followed by a very enthusiastic response of Lambert’s Gunpowder and Lead.

Lambert not only shared the stage with her now own classic country songs, but she also brought Pistol Annieson stage to share the spotlight. Around midpoint, Lambert introduces the audiences to Pistol Annies -- as if the audience needed any introduction based on the thunderous response. Lambert pokes fun at herself and the other Annies when running down their “stats” – some of which include two ex-husbands, three current husbands, and 26 animals! Pistol Annies provided some of the most fun, tongue in cheek moments of the night, with songs such as Got My Name Changed Back, and Hush, Hush. 

A highlight of the night was Lambert singing a song of her new album, WildcardBluebird. During this performance, members of the audience swayed along to Miranda’s stringent performance of optimism. During this performance, we experienced how Lambert is very aware of her shortfalls, but also determined as ever to make these work in her favor. If the whole world stops spinning, Miranda simply shrugs it off, and keeps a light on in her heart. It was during this moment when Miranda Lambert reminded us of the importance of feeling everything we need to feel – but more importantly, the need to keep a bluebird in our hearts – and keep fighting. 

Miranda Lambert closes off her visit in Kentucky by bringing out the other musicians part of the tour – all of which happen to be female country musicians. Lambert, Pistol Annies, Elle King, and Caylee Hammack all close the show with a powerful rendition of Fooled Around and Fell in Love.

What I found most powerful about Miranda Lambert’s performance at the BB&T Center was her impeccable knack for delivering songs as personal and heartbreaking as, Tin Man, followed by songs like Gunpowder and Lead. Both songs were equally as vulnerable – both for different reasons. Vulnerability comes in many shapes and forms. Sometimes its sadness – sometimes it’s being pissed off. Wherever your emotion falls, Miranda Lambert is sure to fulfill those emotions.

Lambert is currently on her Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars tour. Lambert’s new album, Wildcard, is set for a November 1, 2019 release.