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Don’t Miss Reality Something at MOTR Pub

Reality Something is Elena Franklin, Kingsley Brock, Ethan Place, and Bill Grasley. The usual story is, they are an alternative rock band from Nashville, TN. You can catch them at MOTR Pub on Monday September 9th!

Elena may be responsible for the heart of Reality Something, but Kingsley is responsible for the band’s sound. His guitar wanders in the same stream-of-consciousness way, sometimes punctuating the bitterness and sometimes disguising it with a catchy riff, but always capturing the emotion exactly how it needs to be heard. Meanwhile, Bill’s bass lines always rumble moodily underneath, and Ethan’s drums hit hard, driving the songs like a freight train.

We sat down with Elena prior to the show at MOTR.

Tell us about your band name…

The name Reality Something is mostly about creating your own reality. I give different answers to this question all the time but for this one the answer can be found in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Season 8 Episode 8 'Charlie Rules The World" <Editor’s note- In case you forgot – this is the episode where the gang tries to define the difference between the real and the virtual worlds after slipping into an unhealthy obsession with computer games.>

What can one expect at a live Reality Something show?

Loud guitars, sweet vocals, and we try to get to know a few new people really well in each city.

How did the band come together?

The long version of this answer is too long but it started with two of us *not* getting married in Vegas, and ended with some light stalking of our drummer a few years later in Nashville.

What is next for Reality Something?

The first single of our new record, Dirty Moneycomes out 9/6! See you on tour!