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BLINK Afterparties at MOTR Pub

BLINK will be here before we know it! With all the amazingness that BLINK will bring, you need to keep the party rolling well into the night. Luckily MOTR Pub has us covered with their BLINK Afterparties!

Friday, October 11th

Us, Today / P.o.C. / up+dn

Us, Today

Us, Today started as an organic experiment in sound. With the unique instrumentation of vibraphone, keyboard, guitar, and drums they set out to create music that defies genre. The group started with a chance meeting in 2010 at a coffee shop, and a discussion of a shared interest in St. Vincent. The three members, Kristin Agee, Joel Griggs, and Jeff Mellot, began weekly improvisation session, experimenting with their unique sonic possibilities. Improvisations turned into compositions. To date, Us, Today has released three albums. RH Sessions (2011), Beneath the Floorboards (2012) and TENENEMIES (2015). Each album shows a progression of the band, from a free improvisation background, to a more composed and polished sound.  


A hip-hop trio consisting of a MC (Jay Hill), a cellist (Toph Raps), and a finger-drummer (Stallitix). [PoC] is a group of misfits who are taking a lot of risks to create the music they want hear. Their Sound? It’s a melting pot of J-dilla and Sebastian Bach, with a dash of Kyoto Jazz Massive. They strive to be the Vanguard of A new age Hip-Hop.


Comprising four veterans of Cincinnati’s local music scene, up+dn creates shimmering, staccato guitar-driven pop that evokes the variance of experience and range of emotions inherent to our lives. Bandmates Archie Niebuhr (lead vocals, guitar, bass), Brian Davies (bass, synth), John Bertke (drums), and Nick Federinko (lead guitar, vocals) champion the creation of bright, emotional, and accessible music enhanced by the diverse backgrounds of each member. This is music that prioritizes feeling over categorization, incorporating their collective experience in the worlds of ska, jam, hip-hop, jazz, rock, and electronica.

Saturday, October 12th

Automagik, / The Vims / Ohio Valley Salvage


Upon one listen, Automagik sends you on a magikal journey through time and space. This goofy, energetic, shmow pow of music is just what you need to get a-goin'. So pop open a can of caffeinated drink, and open your ears to beautiful hyperactivity. Automagik is now your favorite band. Surrender to the yumminess.

The Vims

With catchy hooks and layered melodies, The Vims have fashioned an amalgam of alternative rock and pop influences into a full, melodic and meaningful style of songwriting that truly welcomes the return of a guitar-centered style to modern music. They released their debut EP Set It Up in the Winter of 2018 and followed with their sophomore album A Case of The Vims in the Spring of 2019. The Vims have supported national acts such as Moon Taxi, Harbour and Argonaut & Wasp with their interactive, high-energy sets that create a dynamic atmosphere where it’s impossible to stand still.

Ohio Valley Savage

Driven by three strong songwriters, Ohio Valley Salvage is an eclectic, electric, slide guitar, 3-part harmony rollercoaster that careens from troubadour to jackhammer, always with a deep appreciation of whichever genre is driving the moment.