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Summer Cannibals Stop at MOTR

Summer Cannibals recently released their new album Can't Tell Me No via Tiny Engines. A defiant release whose very existence is the result of taking back power, the record paves a path for those who may feel powerless and voiceless offering the hope that through strength and community they can create change.

Catch them at MOTR Pub on Monday, August 12th!

After escaping a manipulative personal and creative relationship, guitarist/vocalist and bandleader Jessica Boudreaux scrapped an entire record and started from scratch. Can’t Tell Me No stands up not just to a relationship or an industry, but to the people and constructs that have been trying to silence women and hold them down for so long. “It’s about doing the right thing,” says Boudreaux, “even when it’s terrifying.”

With the inspiration and adrenaline driving the new album’s creation, the current members of Summer Cannibals are working together in a new, reinvigorated way. Boudreaux wrote and recorded and mixed many of the new tracks along with Cassi Blum, Devon Shirley, and Ethan Butman during 14-hour days. Where there is anger there is also hope, and Can’t Tell Me No is, as much as anything, about finding love and acceptance on the other side of pain. It is a collection more vibrant and confrontational than anything they’ve created in the past.