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Spirit Drops Prophecy

Cincinnati rapper Spirit just dropped his latest single, “Prophecy!” Over a hard-knocking drum pattern produced by Absaroth, Spirit delivers haunting verses about his childhood, obstacles, and ultimately believing in himself and his dream. 


“Ever felt like you could feel the future? Not see it, but feel it so bad that you know 100 percent in your heart what you felt was guaranteed? ‘Prophecy’ is meant to give others that same unshakable certainty in their visions,”says Spirit. 

With the new single, the 18-year-old rapper enters a talented pool of Cincinnati’s thriving hip-hop scene. A recent high school grad, Spirit’s lyricism and determination put him at an emcee level beyond his years.  

“Prophecy” follows up Spirit’s 2018 debut EP, Now More Than Ever. A music video to accompany the single will arrive later this year.  

Catch Spirit at 20th Century Theatre tonight at the 10th Annual Party Like a Rock Star hosted by Music Resource Center!