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Song Premiere: Slow Glows – “The End”

Slow Glows are releasing their debut album at MOTR Pub on Saturday August 24th! In the meantime enjoy the premiere of their song from the album, “The End!”

“The End” is definitely our favorite to play live. We were having practice like normal, and I think I went upstairs to grab a soda or something, and when I came back down Rachel and Ian had a really cool drums and bass rhythm going. I listened to it for a minute and then jumped in with a heavy reverb-y guitar part and the rest of the song just sort of fell into place. We ran through it a few times and then it was pretty much the same song you hear on the record. Sound-wise, I’d been wanting to write a song that felt like a landscape, something really spacious and sprawling. I’m not usually inspired by traditional topics such as politics or relationships, et cetera, but rather by visual imagery and dreams. I don’t dream very often but the ones I do have are vivid and resonate with me very deeply. So to me this is a song that feels like a dream, because there are a lot of sounds to explore, sort of like how in a dream your subconscious populates your surroundings and you have no choice but to just go with it and see where it takes you. For the better or worse, this is a song that feels like that journey. – Kelli Redding