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Jack Burton Overdrive Host Early Listening Party on Sunday

The new album by Jack Burton Overdrive, Happy to be Here is out! Sunday, August 18th JBO is hosting a listening party at The Overlook Lodge from 4p – 6p. Talk about a Sunday Funday! Stop by, give the album a listen and perhaps you will win some cool prizes!

We chatted with the band about the new album and what to expect on Sunday.

Tell us about the new album Happy to be Here… 

When we recorded Happy last year at Soap Floats with Ben Cochran the whole goal was to be more expansive with our sound. A try anything approach, if you will. We employed guest musicians, guest vocalists, an air conditioner, a room fan, a typewriter, a heavy rain, wooden matches, high heeled shoes, a Weber Grill, and some other stuff arguably too weird to mention. We think the songs are fun but there is a loose narrative to them, if anyone really wants to look. We're considering a tie-in web comic.

What can fans expect at the listening party?

A few cool things one being that we are actually going to listen to the vinyl on a turntable - which we think is the best way to listen to this album. We conceived of it as an album, sequenced it as an album, and recorded on vinyl to drive the point home. There will be prize giveaways and some very cool specialty drinks revolving around the album. Plus the whole event transpires fairly early on a Sunday, so there is plenty of time left for attendees to get meaningful, responsible things accomplished after the prize giveaways.

What is next for JBO?

We have a few shows lined up at Urban Artifact and MOTR. We are also working on thematically linked videos and of course writing new songs - always be writing! We have a pretty healthy backlog, including an original Christmas EP and expect to release some of it digitally over the next year. For our next full-blown recording we're betting pretty heavily on the popular return of 8 tracks and cassettes, and hope that our Jack Burton Overdrive BBQ Sauce captures the imagination of a discriminating public.