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Review: Kaitlyn Peace & The Electric Generals “Sunset and 5am”

Maybe I’m a product of my era, but through my teenage years, the “end credit song” in a movie was a big deal. The good ones all had a very distinct feel to them, and the great ones could make you remember a movie as having been better than it was. Because of this, I used to have a tendency to describe songs I had heard that had an instant memorability, a sort of classic “grab you and go” vibe, as “end credit songs.” In recent years, it seems the concept has lost some cultural cache, but every now and then a song comes along that all too perfectly fits that description.

“Sunset and 5am,” the new single from Cincinnati’s Kaitlyn Peace & The Electric Generals is one of those songs. It’s all big guitars, punchy drums, and soaring hooks over lush harmonies, like 10,000 Maniacs and Sleater-Kinney collaborated on the song that plays at the end of the best coming-of-age road trip movie you’ve seen in years. A quality follow-up to 2017’s My Little Life, “Sunset and 5am” is a polished, evolved, and maybe slightly wiser sonic path, headed in the same direction, but with more focus and confidence. If this is an indication of things to come, then don’t sleep on Kaitlyn Peace & The Electric Generals.