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Lizzo Will be Loud and Proud at U.S. Bank Arena

Lizzo has been on the radar for a number of years, but her recent album Cuz I Love You has catapulted her into the mainstream. Lizzo is selling out shows left and right and is exactly the woman we need right now. The rapper-singer-flautisttells is like it is; she inspires flex feminist body positivity, loving yourself, and gives no f*cks.  

This Friday get ready for the show of a lifetime at U.S. Bank Arena with Lizzo

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Lizzo’s woodwind muse, Sasha Flutehas its own Instagram. Let me say that again for the ones in the back – Lizzo’s FLUTE has an Instagram. It is glorious and you should follow Sasha now (@sashabefluting). 

Lizzo is an outstanding hype woman, sharing inspiring words with her audience that come from such an honest place. The majority of her songs hammer home a message of give-yourself-a-break perseverance and hope. Lizzo is a founding member of indie hip hop groups The Chalice, Grrrl Prty, The Clerb, Ellypseas, and Absynthe. 

She first came to the spotlight when she released her song “Batches & Cookies” in 2013. The single then lead to a release of her first album Lizzobangers in 2014.In 2016 Lizzo released Coconut Oil – EP along with her single “Scuse Me” Coconut Oil’s most popular single “Good As Hell” was released on May 11th 2016 as a part of the film The Barbershop: The Next CutCuz I Love You was released in April of 2019 and the rest will be history in the making. 

Get hydrated for Friday, you are going to want to drink up that juice.