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Video Premiere: Beloved Youth Release Video for “Spit River

The video “Spit River” by Beloved Youth is an emotional journey masterpiece. We were excited to chat with Sean about the video. Check out the video and learn more about the making of and where to catch Beloved Youth next!

Watch “Spit River”

Tell us about the meaning of the song, “Spit River.” 

“Spit River” is a song that encapsulates some of my most vulnerable emotions. It’s a song that deals with isolation and loneliness and the frustration with those feelings. It’s about having the desire to change those feelings and confront them instead of running away from that vulnerability. I think so many of us tend to mask these emotions and run from showing any real vulnerability in an effort to keep other people’s perception of us intact. Spit river is really just a moment of reflection and honesty for me at a rough time in my life. I hope other people can relate to that and know that even in the darkest moments of reflection that feelings aren’t something to be afraid of and bad feelings don’t last. 

What was it like filming the video?

We wanted the visuals with the video to be a physical representation of the frustration and isolation within the lyrics. So proud of the video, Sean Highly of Let It Happen helped us achieve our vision and did a stellar job directing for us. Natalie Norman was our ingenue and nailed the physicality we wanted from the video. We are so excited to share this new single with everyone.

What is next for Beloved Youth?

Beloved Youth is touring the east coast this summer and will be playing Top Cat’s July 27th for our homecoming show with Circle It, Current Events and Micah Sipple. You can also catch us on Fountain Square August 2nd opening for Cloud Nothings!