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The Vims Celebrate New Album at The Woodward Theater

The Vims are celebrating the release of their new album titled A Case of The Vims at Woodward Theater this Saturday! Joining them will be Coastal Club, Infinity Spree, and The Midwestern. It is going to be an epic celebration! The album was released yesterday on all major streaming platforms.

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Grab the new album and get to know The Vims a bit more below!

So, what exactly is a case of The Vims? Is it contagious?

We wanted to leave it open to interpretation. Could you buy a 12 pack of us at the store with a valid ID? Would you find a case of the vims in a court of law? We like to think of it as what happens when you interact with our music. Something takes over the room at our live shows and it's what makes people come back to see us again. Just try staying still while listening to our single "Sharon" for example. 

How was the recording process different from the debut album to the 2nd?

Oh, it was such a vastly different experience, and really one that ended up being pretty formative in terms of our appreciation for the meticulousness that goes into a quality studio production. This time, we wanted to live track all of the instruments at once to form our base track in order to harness that raw, genuine, familiar feel that you get with bands like The Strokes, Cage the Elephant, etc. And the facilities at The Lodge in Dayton, KY are perfect for that, a total musician's playground. The live tracking was quite a challenge in many aspects, but ended up forcing us to really think through every single note, every single snare hit, everything really, because re-recording a section of a single instrument and then piecing it back with the live track isn't so simple. Luckily, we were able to let Jon Fintel work his magic again at Relay Recording in Columbus with the mix and master. He worked on our debut EP "Set It Up", where we tracked each instrument separately, so we thought he already had a great feel for our sound and our vision for the music, which was a huge advantage. We've also been working with an up-and-coming producer named Ross Drake based in Seattle on some unreleased material from The Lodge studio session. We're aiming to release our project with Ross later this summer. 

What is your favorite thing about being a part of the Cincinnati Music Scene?

The range of the music scene here. There are very few Cincinnati bands who sound the exact same. You'll get some real soulful stuff from acts like Matt Waters, then some unbelievably funky, catchy tunes from bands like Sylmar, some fantastic harder stuff from groups like Go Go Buffalo, and the musicianship is incredible. Bands also get behind everyone's shows and releases. Whether it's sharing new tracks on Instagram or just showing up at shows. It's been amazing to see during the 2 years we've been a part of it. Then finally, the biggest thing for us is referring bands we think would be a great fit for shows we're not able to play or while building a bill. We've gotten some amazing opportunities because of referrals, and we do our best to think of bands we know of that would fit a bill when our schedules don't allow us to play a show. Everybody wins.

What is next for The Vims?

First, our release show is this Saturday, 5/18 at The Woodward Theater. We couldn't have asked for a better lineup which features Coastal Club, Infinity Spree, and The Midwestern. The night will also be hosted by local legend, Tim Weil. We have some big shows in the works for late summer including BeWILDERfest at Urban Artifact. We'll have one more track to drop at the end of the summer, and we're planning some out of town shows as well. This vims lineup hasn't even been together a year, so we're going to take a lot of this summer to work on new material that has the stamp of our 2 newest members, because they bring a lot of fresh, dynamic style to our developing sound.