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NF is the Real Deal

Nate Feuerstein, the rapper from Gladwin, MI known as "NF", is the real deal. His musical style is hip-hop/rap, but his lyrical composition is from the heart; demanding a response, a call to action, for believer and unbeliever alike! Don’t miss NF at Bunbury Music Festival on Friday, May 31stat 7:45 on the Monster Energy Stage.

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NF has come a long way from his humble origins filled with small-town tragedy. Hailing from Gladwin, Michigan - “a town with three lights and no city” he notes on “Intro 2” - NF grew up in a home broken by drugs and violence. His mother addicted to pills, her boyfriend physically abusive, young Nathan found solace in music at twelve years old. Sitting in his parents’ van, he’d write songs for hours, recording freestyle raps on a karaoke machine. Just as Nas inspired the young Marshall Mathers’ style, NF was first inspired by the music of Eminem. He identified with him instantly: like him, Eminem was a Caucasian MC and hip-hop fanatic from his home state, with rhymes that ruthlessly explored his troubled family relationships. “Eminem made me feel something I couldn’t describe,” he explains. “He created a lane of honesty that was so intense, so vulgar, so compelling, saying things I’d never said or thought before. I had a lot of anger, and through him, I learned to express myself.” 

These days, NF is flying high professionally. But long before his stock rose to one of today’s hottest hip-hop trendsetters, he was building an extremely loyal fan base while spilling his guts about a multitude of emotions, including losing a mother to addiction, plus his own encounters with abuse, abandonment, anxiety, striving to find a greater sense of self-worth, starving financially and clinging to his faith throughout each painful chapter.