lovelytheband Want You to Embrace Who You Are

Lovelytheband debuted their single, “Broken” in 2017, which quickly had over 3 million streams on Spotify and In under a year, it amassed 25 million total global streams. Lovelytheband translate emotions, anxieties, and feelings into lush, layered, and lively indie pop anthems.

Catch them at Bunbury Music Festival on Sunday, June 2nd.

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When the band was founded by lead singer Mitchy Collins, guitarist Jordan Greenwald and drummer Sam Price in 2017, the trio maintain a lasting connection to listeners by holding nothing back."I really believe the importance of songwriting is saying something when someone else doesn't know how to," affirms Mitchy. "In the songs, I'm talking about life, trials, tribulations, depression, anxiety, and shit I deal with as well as the headaches that come along with the good and bad days. My problems don't define me, but we should embrace every side of who we are. The message is, 'Everything will be fine.'"

This message immediately resonated among audiences everywhere. Lovelytheband is one not to miss at Bunbury Music Festival.