• Preview

Get Limber for Girl Talk

Girl Talk (aka Gregg Michael Gillis) may be only one man, but he’s guaranteed to have the most (virtual) artists on stage for Bunbury. Gillis specializes in mashing up and splicing dozens (hundreds at this point) of artists’ samples to create dynamic, intricate set pieces.  

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Every time he drops a new album, it’s a blast to decode the samples (usually rap vocals with pop, rock, metal or punk music underneath). The whole aesthetic is so crazy-quilt that it shouldn’t work, but it holds together due to canny choices, a curator’s love of the beat and a subtle sense of humor. His albums and live shows are an energetic meeting of DDD (digital recording/digital mixing/digital transfer) and ADHD. It’s been a while since his last full release (2010’s All Day), so it will be interesting to see how he unleashes all that pent-up energy and a decade’s worth of new raw material.  

Stay limber and hydrated and get ready for a wild ride If past performances are any indication, you just might end up on stage and be part of the whole dizzy spectacle. Sunday night on the Sawyer Point Stage.