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First Single Release “Dance” from up+dn

With anticipation building after multiple packed-house performances, Cincinnati quartet up+dn (pronounced “up-and-down”) at last releases their first studio recorded music, the single “Dance”, TONIGHT at MOTR Pub. Over a groove living up to its title, “Dance” marries the vintage to the ultra-modern, as handclaps and tambourines glaze over soaring vocals, sharp synthesizers, and shameless disco guitar.

Listen to “Dance”

A band that both represents and celebrates the diverse experiences of life and modern music, up+dn creates vibrant, funky, and shimmering guitar pop that draws from its members’ considerable experience in the worlds of ska, funk, electronic pop, hip-hop, and jazz fusion. Having cut their teeth in some of the most prominent local bands of the Cincinnati music scene, this quartet of Archie Niebuhr (lead vocals, guitar, bass), Brian Davies (bass, synth), John Bertke (drums), and Nick Federinko (lead guitar, vocals) creates songs for the moment that emphasize communality and musical eclecticism.

Take a listen, learn the words and head out to MOTR Pub tonight to see up+dn with friends, Young Colt!