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Keep Your Eye on The Inturns

The Inturns are a high-energy rock trio from Cincinnati, Ohio that’s hell-bent on making sure you have as good a time as they do.The Inturns are comprised of Gino Sena (Bass guitar/Vocals), David Taylor (Lead Guitar/Vocals), and Christian Bucholtz (drums). Sena and Taylor met in middle school at Cincinnati’s School For Creative and Performing Arts, where they were attempting to dodge gym class. Flash forward several years later and they completed the trifecta with Bucholtz. They have been on fire ever since. 

Playing what they dub as “power indie,” their sound draws heavily from old school rock n’ rollers like Hendrix, The Who, and KISS while blending elements from more modern acts such as The Strokes and the Arctic Monkeys to create a sound all their own. With the release of their EP Sleeper in November 2016 and LP Flashpoint in September 2017, as well as the single, “Trouble Walkin.” Currently they are working on another album to be released in 2020. 

You can catch The Inturns twice this week! On Thursday they will be playing Stanley’s Pub and then again at the Westside Covington Spring Celebration on Sunday!

While I have seen the band play many times, I had yet to get to know them better. I was stoked to chat with David Taylor prior to the set of shows this week.

What do you love most about being a part of the Cincinnati Music Scene? 

Iʼd have to say what I love most is being able to connect with different musicians and artists, whom may come from an entirely different background or genre than myself, and being able to absorb that knowledge and music from a myriad of avenues right here in the Queen City. We have it all Jazz, Blues, Folk, Bluegrass, Rock, you name it, and you can find a community for it. 

Tell fans what to expect at a live show... 

Organized chaos sounds about right, we try to put on the best rock n’ roll show we can night after night and that will include some favorite rock and pop classics from the 60ʼs to present day as well as our own original material. 

We feed off the energy of the crowd and they have a power to make what appears to be three mild mannered individuals into total wild animals, complete with guitar swinging, karate kicking, smoke machines and pretty much everything short of tearing the stage apart. 

What is next for The Inturns?

We are eager to put the show on the road, and are developing some strongholds in other cities. At the end of May, we will be going to Chicago for a 2-night stint with the group Wax Works, whom we brought down here earlier in April in support of their recent tour. We also look forward to playing new opportunities afforded to us in the tristate!

We are constantly upgrading our equipment, sound, and stage design as well as learning new production techniques all in the name of a better rock n roll experience. The aim is to take what weʼve learned since our first album Flashpoint and make a really hard-hitting record by 2020, there has also been talks of a live album this year, but we will have to see!