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Juno Award Winner Ray Bonneville Heads to SGHR

Award-winning singer/songwriter Ray Bonneville is headed to The Southgate House Revival on Sunday, April 28th to release At King Electric. Bonneville is a winner and multiple nominee of the Juno award, Canada’s equal to the Grammy. 

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Based in Austin for the past 10 years, Bonneville strips his bluesy Americana down to its essentials and steeps it in a humid, southern vibe, creating a compelling poetry of hard living and deep feeling. His new release, At King Electric, delivers more than his trademark grit and groove. 

 Songs such as “The Next Card to Fall” and “Codeine” gleam with intimate narratives of characters reaching for hope and wrestling with despair. Rich guitar and harmonica lines resonate over spare and infectious rhythms, while Bonneville’s deep, evocative voice confesses life’s harsh realities. Contributing their talents to the album are guest artists Gurf Morlix (guitar & bass) and Stefano Intelisano (B3 organ).

“I never had kids, but this will be my ninth studio album since I started writing and performing my own songs,” says Bonneville. “I guess you could say that the songs, the records and the folks I meet out on the road have been my family. I get to know the characters in my songs as they reveal themselves to me over the hours, days and nights of writing. This new album is alive with them. Characters such as one who is emotionally rescued by a street parade in ‘Papachulalay,’ the reflective addict in ‘Codeine;’ the lost and destitute road dog in ‘It’ll Make a Hole in You;’ and the prison inmate who he calls his estranged brother as his release date nears in ‘The Day They Let Me Out.’”