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Premiere of “Phratry” Documentary for 15 Year Anniversary

2019 marks the 15th anniversary of Phratry Records. Throughout the year, they will be celebrating with a handful of new releases and with the premiere of the Argo One Productions screening of "Phratry," a full-length documentary about Phratry Records this Friday at The Southgate House Revival! 

Phratry Records was established in 2004 and has been called "one of the best modern independent record labels in the region" (CityBeat, 2013). Through live footage and interviews spanning the last fifteen years, this movie documents the makings of a truly independent record label and the diversity of the artists it represents.

Phratry Records works with bands across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. They are an underground record label focused on art and community. Uninterested in being a genre-specific record label, Phratry boasts a diverse catalog with artists such as; Mad Anthony, Ampline, Kelley Deal, Mala In Se, Thistle, State Song, Autumn Rising, and The Strongest Proof. 

Make sure you make plans to attend the premiere screening this Friday at The Southgate House Revival with performances afer the screening by The Full Counts, Maple Stave, Nonagon, Ampline, Sleepcrawler, and Mad Anthony!

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