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New Cincinnati Band Reawakens the Sound of the City with First Album

Rosewood Coast’s debut LP electrifies the emotions by melting a melodically complex sound with dense lyrics that accentuate social change, mental health, and personal transformation. 

A 40-minute exploration through the concepts of the self, being with others, and the human condition, “Wisdom in the Waves” hits all music streaming and purchasing platforms on March 8th, 2019. Whether in your car, in your room, or on a dimly lit dance floor bobbing your head with friends, this album has something for everybody. The band will showcase that “something for everybody” sound at their album release party a few weeks later.

Rosewood Coast will host their album release show at Top Cats on Saturday, March 30th.

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A major highlight of the album is the band’s devotion to their songwriting, featuring never-before-heard forays into the anthemic with songs “Change for Better” and “Ending Days”. The former represents the type of ambitious stadium rock that brought artists such as Coldplay and Kings of Leon to the international stage. The latter demonstrates not only the emotional extremes of singer Kaitlynn McNutt’s artistic expression, but also the ease with which instrumentalists Zack Sempsrott, Travis Hack, Michael McNutt, and John Trygier can facilitate a seamless transmission of emotion from musician to listener. 

Listeners can expect to hear a defiant resistance to being contained by any single sound. Emphasizing their gentle songwriting and feel-good sense of nostalgia, this album will touch a variety of human emotions in a variety of genres. Tracks like “Riverside” pull the best of jazz, the blues, and alternative rock to create an ambience that sucks you in and will remind you of quiet summer nights spent talking to the ones you love, but Rosewood Coast doesn’t stop there. 

In addition, the album features high energy indie pop vibes in the crowd favorite, “Junebug.” There’s also “Stay”, where listeners can expect to hear the bands quirky originality shine through on driving choruses. This same musical energy drives such performers as Panic! At the Disco and Walk the Moon. “Junebug” presents both the youthful and the mature through its undeniably contagious energy and its message of tolerance and compassion that sits at the heart of the bands message. In continuation of the high energy sound that has driven Rosewood’s reputation as a great live band, “Among the Stars” is a refined but aggressive rock tune that calls upon the contemporary restoration of the overdriven guitar from bands such as The 1975 and Young the Giant, and takes the listener to the sky with the band as guitarist Zack Sempsrott and singer Kaitlynn McNutt’s soaring melodic lines cling to the ear of the listener even after the epic washing sound of the song has faded away. 

Rosewood Coast’s dedication to writing a diverse album is again demonstrated with the song “Blame Ourselves,” which evokes not only the funk and jam band sound that sits in a pocket so wide that the audience falls into it, but also the lyrical density and variance of artists like Twenty One Pilots. Wisdom in the Waves” will also feature “Something Else,” “From Forward On,” and “With You,” whose feel- good vibes and instrumental creativity leave the listener with the sense of peace and hopefulness that makes even the darkest days feel a little better.