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MULTIMAGIC Vinyl Release Show at Woodward Theater

Cincinnati Indie Dream-pop Band MULTIMAGIC Announce “Sunshine / Dreams” Soul Step Records 7-inch Vinyl Release & Performance at Woodward Theater in Over the Rhine on Friday, June 21st! 

“Spirits high, keep our dreams alive.” A triumphant, conclusive statement ties together the chorus from ​MULTIMAGIC​’s recent single, “​Dreams​”, which will see a release in physical form via ​Soul Step Records​ this summer. The 7-inch vinyl, featuring “Dreams” and a yet to be released track titled “Sunshine” will arrive Friday, June 21st, 2019 alongside a release show at the historic ​Woodward Theater​. 

MULTIMAGIC is an indie dream-pop band fronted by singer-songwriter and producer Coran Stetter based in Cincinnati, Ohio. This performance marks a return to the Cincinnati stage after a two-year hiatus, centered around personal trauma that led to a significant lineup change. After spending most of 2018 writing and recording with Eric Tuffendsam of ​Moonlight Studios​, the new band (which features Evan Brown on drums, keyboardist and singer Meg Kecskes​, guitarist James Ruehlman, and bassist​ Zach Madden) are ready to throw down live in their hometown. ​​Dubbing the event “SUNSHINE / DREAMS 7’ Vinyl Release”, the two songs will be prominently featured in the headlining set, following a solid 3-act supporting lineup. 

Joining MULTIMAGIC for the evening will be fellow Cincinnati indie dreamers ​Sungaze​, Nashville’s quaint-pop band ​The Pressure Kids​, and finally ​Ronin Halloway​, a Cincinnati Hip-Hop artist who will also be releasing his debut album “Pressure” on June 21s​ t​ (Evan Brown, MULTIMAGIC’s drum expert, doubles as producer and DJ for Halloway). 

In keeping with the themes of rebirth and the pursuit of dreams, the acts follow a loose narrative which will culminate in MULTIMAGIC’s headlining set.

Act I: “Sungaze”

Act II: “The Pressure Kids”

Act III: “Ronin Halloway - Pressure” 

“There’s going to be a real ebb and flow to this event. We wanted to go above and beyond and create an adventure for everyone who comes out.” Stetter adds, “It’s definitely going to be a unique experience.” 

MULTIMAGIC Vinyl Release Show

Friday, June 21st