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Mary Bragg at Wyoming Community Coffee

Double Forte Music Company presents nationally acclaimed Country/Americana artist Mary Bragg for Wyoming Community Coffee Concert Series. 

Dim the lights, sip a warm libation, and sit back as Nashville singer/songwriter, Mary Bragg weaves a lyrical tale full of sublime wonder and fearless vulnerability. Touring with her stunning new album, Violets as Camouflage Mary spins tales of hope, healing and wonder. Double Forte Music Company and Wyoming Community Coffee presents Nashville Artist, Mary Bragg for the WyCoCo Concert series on Saturday, April 13th at 7:00p. 

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“Writing is the most vulnerable state that I’m ever in,” says Mary Bragg. “But there can be a real beauty in that vulnerability when you know you’ve written the strongest thing that you can, when you’ve paired a killer melody with a meaningful lyric that says exactly what you’ve always wanted to say.” 

With her stunning new album, Violets as Camouflage, Bragg examines that vulnerability in all its delicate splendor, holding it up like a diamond to the light as she carefully studies each sparkling facet. Self-produced and self-engineered at Bragg’s home studio in Nashville, TN, the fourteen-song collection is both beautiful and blunt, the work of an artist only just beginning to embrace the full range of her talents. She writes with a keen eye for detail and an extraordinary sense of empathy, populating the album with a cast of characters grappling with pain and loneliness and longing and desire, questioning when to dig in and when to give up as they struggle to cope with hardship and loss. The arrangements here are rich and rootsy, pulling from country, folk, and blues to weave a timelessly organic blend around Bragg’s breathy, evocative voice as she sings about the kind of raw emotion that might have seemed impossible to address even just a few years ago.