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Maria Carrelli Album Release at Folk School Coffee Parlor

“I love you more than cigarettes/I love you more than booze/between you and an apple pie, I wouldn’t have to choose/well I know the rest are bad for me, and you’re the best by far/but you’ll never be the strings on my guitar” 

Maria Carrelli’s sense of humor and unabashed honesty are apparent in these opening lines from her song “Strings On My Guitar”, the title-track of a 10-track project releasing independently on April 12th. Hailing from Ludlow, Kentucky, Carelli draws strongly from Appalachian bluegrass and traditional country music, transitioning between upbeat tempos and melody-driven ballads on her debut solo record. 

Having already traveled extensively with multiple folk and bluegrass groups, her musicianship and songwriting ability act as strong complements to her unique lyrical style. With influences ranging from genre mainstays like Loretta Lynn and Wanda Jackson all the way to current innovators (Kacey Musgraves’ recent Grammy sweep comes to mind), Carrelli represents a free-thinking, adventurous trend in modern country and bluegrass. 

“I believe music is one of the most powerful ways to inspire and create. It's incredible to me the small connections it encourages in the brain alongside the more grandiose ones it can conjure between humans. Watching an artist bear their vulnerabilities and strength through songwriting is one of the greater pleasures in life. The inspiration from watching or even being a part of an on-stage performance can be life- changing. If I'm able to stir a single ounce of that in someone through my performance, whether it inspires them to do the same or to make a positive change for the better, it makes all the effort worthwhile,” states Carrelli. 

This live-performance energy and creative fire is certainly well-translated in the recordings of Strings, which will be receiving their first live rendition on April 13th, at Folk School Coffee Parlor in Ludlow KY. 

Strings On My Guitar will be available for streaming on all platforms on April 12th.

Maria Carrelli

Strings On My Guitar Album Release

Saturday, April 13th

Folk School Coffee Parlor       

Two Shows! 

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