• Preview

Jon Worthy and the Bends at Northside Tavern

Nashville native Jon Worthy had music that wasn’t fully explored by a band and brought that vision to life with Jon Worthy and the Bends in 2015. Without having played a show, Jon put together a band and recorded his 6 song EP, “Unconventional” at The Bomb Shelter in east Nashville with bassist Nick Dibiasio and drummer Grant Bramlett. Eventually, Jon was able to put a band together and start playing some shows around Nashville with bassist Austin Mcfall and drummer AJ Wilder.

2016 saw the release of their first full length album, “May You Live Happily Ever After”, encompassing rock music in its entirety, from slow and soft rhythms of “I Do Abide” and “Family” to the louder side of things found in “In the End” and “How You Doin Today”. The Band released the album in October 2016 with an album release show at The East Room in Nashville.

The group has settled on the lineup of Jon Worthy (Vocals/Guitar), Austin Mcfall (Bassist), Mike Sanborn (Drums), and Luis Echeverria (Keys/Guitar). 2018 saw the release of Jon’s second full-length album Only A Dream. Recorded with Lincoln Parish of Cage the Elephant at his studio in Nashville, TN the album has some unique and wide-ranging songs from Jon Worthy.

 “We can all join together, but wait, it’s only a dream.” 

Talk about relevance in a world that needs “brothers and sisters” to join hands and come together in this epic anthem and title track, “Only a Dream.” The album perpetuates themes of current political issues as well as finding your own balance in life, themes that almost everyone can relate to. 

The Bends have released a few singles as well as music videos within the last few months. They are currently gearing up for winter and spring tour dates as well as preparing to record a new album in January of 2019 at Studio 4115 with Handmade Productions. The album will be more acoustic based and quite a change up from anything Jon Worthy & the Bends have done in the past.

If you’re looking for a good show to hit this spring in the Cincinnati area, this would be it. The music isn’t just relatable, comforting, and flowing. It’s real. And Jon will evoke an emotion you probably didn’t even know you had. Check out Jon Worthy and the Bends at Northside Tavern, a Cincinnati staple featuring free original live music and local brews on tap, on Saturday March 16th. Doors open at 8 p.m., and the show starts around 9 p.m.